Music Video Monday

These aren’t the best videos or songs ever; most of the bands I’m really liking lately seem to be video-averse, or just too poor to make a video.  If this keeps up I’m going to have to start posting fan-made stuff, or, heaven forbid, those videos where the song just plays over still photos that seem like something an old person would use the internet to make.

Warpaint – “Undertow”

Remember last week when I posted that other Warpaint video and said that I actually really preferred a different song?  Well, they released this video for the other song, “Undertow,” today, just in time for Music Video Monday!  Unfortunately, the video is sort of a hazy snoozefest.  I guess that’s what happens when you hire the girl from A Knight’s Tale, Shannyn Sossamon, as your director.  (I briefly felt bad about the unprovoked dig, and then I read her IMDB page and discovered that she was born “Shannon” and added the “y” to her name herself.  The dig stays in!)

Belle & Sebastian – “I’m a Cuckoo”

There’s a new Belle & Sebastian album out tomorrow, but I’ve yet to hear anything off of it, mostly because I have way too short of an attention span to watch any of the 30-minute long videos they’ve been putting online.  So, in honor of the release, rather than posting one of those behemoths, I’m included this favorite of mine from a couple of albums ago, which is a much more manageable four minutes in length.

Ra Ra Riot – “Boy”

I haven’t exactly had the new Ra Ra Riot album on repeat since I got it.  It’s been mostly ignored, occasionally coming up when I put my “Newish Music” playlist on shuffle.  I suspect that I’ve let the fact that everyone seems to think they are unbearably cheesy influence my enthusiasm for them.  I’ll make more of an effort to give them a few spins, though, because this video is pretty fun.

Broken Bells – “The Ghost Inside”

This one is for my wife; this is her jam lately.  And by “her jam,” I mean the song that causes her to ask me “who is this?” every time she hears it.  Also, this video is really weird, and sort of stupid.  But, Christina Hendricks in space, everybody!

Maximum Balloon – “Tiger”

Dave Sitek is cool and everything, but we can all agree that “Maximum Balloon” is an awful band name, right?

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