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Guys, I should tell you, having way too much free time is generally not that great.  But sometimes it’s the best, like on Mondays after Mad Men when I get to sit around and read episode recaps online all day long!  I love Mad Men recaps almost as much as I love Mad Men, which is tons.  I don’t even care what’s happening, I just like watching the awesome characters walking around in their crisp 60s aesthetic saying snappy things and eyeballing each other.  It’s why the “Next Week On” promos at the end of each episode are hilariously vague and reveal absolutely no details about any upcoming plotlines; they don’t have to!  This show is like visual crack.  I could watch the opening scene about beans in an endless loop.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading today:

Hilarious superimposed word bubble fun over at Videogum.

The New York Times dipping its old, gray toe into the pool of television blogging.

Alan Sepinwall’s review is slightly less speculative, and therefore perhaps more useful in tying everything together.

New York magazine’s recap could use a few images or videos or something to break up the text, in my opinion.

Finally, this long, exhaustive, and rewarding number over at Defamer.

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