House candidate loses a supporter he never really had.

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Mediaite has picked up on a story that I think is slightly funny about a candidate for the House of Representatives named B.J. Lawson who claimed Morgan Freeman had narrated a campaign ad for him.  And then Morgan Freeman said it wasn’t really his voice.  And then a bunch of people called each other liars.  Or something.

My main interest in this story is that this is my House district!  I voted against this guy!  There was even a supporter of his at my polling place.  On the way out, he said “Thanks for voting, even if you don’t look like you voted for my candidate.”  Keen eye, sir.

[Via Mediaite]

2 thoughts on “House candidate loses a supporter he never really had.

  1. That sounds just like him! If it’s an imitator, I’m impressed. I doubt Freeman would be naive enough to narrate a political ad without knowing the guy, but I guess weirder things have happened.

  2. I agree, Chris, it is a great impression. It must just be an impression, though, because I can’t imagine Freeman would have any interest in getting involved in some random N.C. House race.

    Although, as you said, weirder things have happened.

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