FIFA Through the Years

If you have ten minutes to kill and have spent any time over the years with EA Sports’ FIFA video game series, this post over at Deadspin includes the following video which you’ll probably find fascinating.  (If you’ve never played FIFA and don’t care about the evolution of video games, absolutely do not watch it, it would probably be ten of the most boring minutes of your life.)

I remember pretty much all of these games, but the mid-Aught years of ’04, ’05, and ’06 in particular bring back very visceral memories for me.  This game has taken countless hours of my life, and somehow I remain completely terrible at it.  I can barely execute a successful cross.

For a more wide-ranging trip through the history of video games, I also stumbled across this nicely succinct video, which hits quite of few of the highlights from 1972 to 2007. (I originally typed “1792 to 2007,” which, I guess, is equally true, if a bit misleading.)

There are a few in there I don’t recognize, but I’m surprised by how many of these I’ve played, particularly once it gets to 1992.  Earthworm Jim!  Remember Earthworm Jim?!

[First video via Deadspin]

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