Inception Re-imagined

Inception was my favorite movie of the summer.  I mean, that’s not saying a lot; I’m pretty sure it was the only movie I saw in the theater.  But I really liked it, and was confused by a lot of the backlash that came after the initial critical raves.  Slow and boring?  Not the movie I was watching.

That said, this person might have improved upon it.  I would absolutely watch this version in its full length.

I love people who take the time to do something like that.  It’s why I love the internet.  You know why else I love the internet?  Inception cat.

Outstanding.  That’ll do, cat.

All right, now I need to go watch Star Wars because this reedited trailer for A New Hope featuring the Inception music is so great.  Screw “The Imperial March.”

[First video via io9]