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I had such big plans for my Christmas in Boston.  We were going to see so many movies!  One every other day, or maybe even more than that!  I was going to see True Grit, Black Swan, The Fighter, The King’s Speech, all the movies that aren’t yet playing in Chapel Hill.  I was going to really beef up this list and make up for the fact that I didn’t make it to the theater much this year.

Alas, time flew and whatnot, and none of this happened.  I did have a chance to watch the movie I have at number five below, so at least I got to round the list off with ten.  Because, honestly, I didn’t see anything else that really came close to warranting a spot here.  As it is, this is sort of a weak list.  MacGruber made my top ten, for Christ’s sake.  Anyway, let’s start things off by watching this montage of scenes from the many, many movies I did not see this year.

Now let’s move on to the very few movies that I actually did see.  As always, this is not a list of the best movies of the year, since I really don’t see that many movies and don’t feel qualified to write that.  This is just a list of my favorites.

10) MacGruber


Like Hot Fuzz, this is a satire of action movies that pretends to be an homage to action movies.  I enjoyed Hot Fuzz, but I think this was quite a bit funnier.  It’s basically just a long series of gags, so it sort of is just the extended SNL sketch that its critics accuse it of being, but I thought the gags themselves were really pretty hilarious.

This was my dog’s least favorite movie of the year.  He normally completely ignores the television, but he lost it during the sex scene in this movie and would not stop barking at Will Forte’s over-the-top grunting.

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I’ll ask again: What is going on with Sesame Street?

Urlesque has a good post featuring a video of Ricky Gervais appearing on Sesame Street.  I’ll quote them on this one: “Do kids still watch this stuff? Was Sesame Street this awesome for adults when I was a kid? Is there some hilarious sketch from ’83 with Andy Kaufman and the Grouch?”

I’m not complaining.  I would never complain about having more Ricky Gervais in my life.  But I’m a bit confused.  Kids don’t even know who Ricky Gervais is, right?  Unless maybe they are really big Flanimals fans?

As I often wonder about Pixar movies (again, not complaining, I love Pixar), at what point are we worrying more about entertaining adult viewers of children’s entertainment than we are the actual children?  It seems weird to have Sesame Street parodying Mad Men and True Blood.  Oh well, I don’t have kids.

[Via Urlesque]