“I’m really into lipdubs right now.” – Johanna

And so am I!  As this video proves, a good lipdub can even (briefly) make me not be annoyed at Lady Gaga or artsy Boston youths.  God, I miss college.  Or at least the imaginary college experience in my head where I participated in things like this.

If I were in a lipdub video, I would be one of the kids who moves through the shot too quickly and is clearly self-conscious and awkward about his or her involvement.  I need to chill out.

[Via Urlesque]

The Office Lipdub

Excited for tomorrow’s return of The Office? Not even a little bit? Man, you guys are a tough crowd. What about after watching this video?

[Update: The video I put up from Hulu expired, like, immediately after I posted it. And I can’t figure out how to embed from NBC.com. So here is a basic link to a worse, shortened version on their website. This is what failure feels like.]

[Second Update: I finally figured out how to embed video from places other than Hulu and YouTube!  So the video is now available below.  Plus, NBC put up the full version.  It’s like a pot and pan set double bonus!]

Vodpod videos no longer available.I have to admit that it makes me feel sort of sad and out of touch when The Office parodies an internet meme that I wasn’t even aware existed. At least with the wedding dance I got the reference.