“I’m really into lipdubs right now.” – Johanna

And so am I!  As this video proves, a good lipdub can even (briefly) make me not be annoyed at Lady Gaga or artsy Boston youths.  God, I miss college.  Or at least the imaginary college experience in my head where I participated in things like this.

If I were in a lipdub video, I would be one of the kids who moves through the shot too quickly and is clearly self-conscious and awkward about his or her involvement.  I need to chill out.

[Via Urlesque]

Alternative Multiplication

I’m not sure if this is actually how the Japanese multiply, as the video claims.  I am sure, however, that it is now the way that I multiply.  All this time I’ve been doing math when I could’ve just been counting!

As soon as I watched this video I whipped out a pen and a pad of paper and said to my wife, “Want to see something cool???”  She displayed a surprising lack of enthusiasm.

[Via Gizmodo]